Visit of Uganda Communications Commission engineers to our facilities

In the context of Project "SUPPLY, DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION OF QUALITY OF SERVICE MONITORING AND COVERAGE SYSTEM FOR TV AND RADIO BROADCASTING SERVICES", we are pleased to report on the recent visit of engineers from the Uganda Communications Commission to our facilities.

The visit not only involved the factory acceptance of the project but also included an enriching training session provided by our engineers, as well as a guided tour of our manufacturing facilities.

The QoS Measuring and Monitoring equipment proposed (Portable TV/Radio Analyzer  and Monitoring Probes) will help UCC Engineers to identify quality problems and poor coverage areas in an efficient manner. The information collected by the system will provide UCC with insights into the QoS of TV/Radio services across the country, which will lead to a fruitful conversations between the stakeholders with the final goal of increasing the experience of the TV/Radio consumers in Uganda.

We appreciate the trust placed in our company and look forward to continuing to be a key partner in future projects that drive technological advancement and service quality in the region.