Gsertel at Broadcast Asia

We are pleased to announce that we will be present at Broadcast Asia, at booth 6I2-7!

Gsertel at Broadcast Asia

We are looking forward to welcoming our customers, partners, friends, and all attendees interested in learning about our equipment. During the event, we will be showcasing the latest technological developments in our measurement and monitoring solutions.

At our booth, we will offer the opportunity to test and see our equipment firsthand. We will have available a multi-standard portable meter, Hexylon, along with two RCS monitoring probes: one designed for FM radio and another for television.

Find out how we can help you efficiently identify quality issues in your network and areas of low coverage, as well as proactively monitor all critical parameters, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the television and radio consumer experience on your network.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth at Broadcast Asia!


New OTT Functionality

Gsertel at Broadcast Asia

We have added a new feature to the RCS probe family: real-time monitoring and analysis of OTT services.

The OTT analysis feature of the RCS range performs comprehensive analysis, monitoring various parameters such as content download time, download bitrate, TTFB, etc., of all chunks of each element and each variant stream, allowing for an overall platform response analysis.


Our Hexylon 5G now supports 5G Broadcast!

Gsertel at Broadcast Asia

This new functionality of Hexylon 5G can perform RF measurements and display all additional signaling information of 5G Broadcast, both in mixed mode and dedicated mode.

Furthermore, it also includes existing functionalities in other modes, such as the Drive Test function for conducting coverage studies.