Gsertel's GProbe10 is a cost-effective IP last mile probe that allows remote and real-time IP signal monitoring.

Its intuitive web interface allows an easy and quick access to all functions. You only need a standard web browser to display all the measurements.

With a compact desing, GProbe10 is the perfect probe for last mile analysis of IP signals.


IP Analysis

  • Complete analysis of the IP signals.
  • Multiple IP flows in parallel (up to 64).
  • Max. arrival interval between packets.
  • Min. arrival interval between packets.
  • IP payload bitrate.
  • UDP payload bitrate.
  • Media loss rate.
  • Loss IP frame.
  • IP Jitter.
  • UDP and RTP mode (auto)


  • Internal storage: 4GB (up to 3GB available for the user).


  • IP: 2 x GE RJ45 (TSoIP).


  • 1 x Ethernet RJ45 (control).
  • HTML5 control application.

Advanced features

  • External storage: USB port.
  • Additional IP flows in parallel (16 additional flows each license).
  • Power supply -48VDC.
  • Rack adapter.
  • SNMP control.
  • Alarms: level 1, level 2, and level 3 priority errors.
  • Configurable type of alarm (Info, Warning, Error).
  • Automatic detection of new software versions.


  • Compact format probe for last mile monitoring.
  • Cost-effective solution for the signal in-depth analysis.
  • Proactive detection of signal problems.
  • Time reduction in distribution and transmission network diagnostic and troubleshooting.
  • Very intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • Flexible and scalable in functionality architecture (software licenses).
  • Availability of the latest features through the automatic detection of new software versions.
  • Full integration with third parties’ NMS.

Live demo

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Live demo

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