TRITON CIES is a new and modern line of intelligent supply pedestals built in anodized aluminium intended for all all kind of marina environments.

TRITON CIES combines a high aesthetic finish with maximum versatility in both number and type of electrical and water sockets.

Any project of harbour supplies can be addressed with TRITON CIES, from the needs of small boats to mega yachts.

Its 3mm marine anodized aluminium construction provides internal protection and insulation of all components, ensuring the maximum reliability and durability.

All TRITON CIES pedestals incorporate an intelligent control system that offers possibilities for remote reading, remote control and user identification, and centralized management through the powerful and intuitive platform TRITON SGSP, a web application that facilitates the use of all marina supplies management system information.

TRITON CIES offers various stardard possibilities of number and type of electrical and water sockets.

In addition to the standard models, customizable configurations allow any supply pedestal project with electrical sockets of up to 250A and water sockets of up to 50 mm could be approached with TRITON CIES pedestals.

The pedestals are offered under 3 management levels, depending on their use mode:

Standard: it provides consumption remote reading (from the centralized management application SGSP).

Advance: it provides consumption remote reading and the possibility of enabling/disabling remote sockets (from the centralized management application SGSP).

Premium: it provides the user authentication via RFID card, and the capacities of remote reading and remote control.



  • 3mm thick marine anodized aluminium envelope. Anti-vandal design with optional key closure.
  • IK10 high protection against mechanical impact and vandalism.
  • Inner division shelf for water and electricity areas.
  • Inner anchors for fixing the housing to the ground with 20mm bolts.
  • Customizable look: marina logo, graphics, and identification labels.


  • High contrast 4x20 characters OLED display:
    Indication of users in the system.
    Indication of consumption.
    Indication of remaining balances.
    Indication of free/busy socket.
  • Proximity sensor for selecting supply socket.
  • RFID proximity cards reader for user identification.


  • Front and rear low power COB LED lighting.
  • Automatic start using Network Time Protocol (NTP) and time zones or preprogrammed time clocks.
  • Manual start for maintenance.


  • Up to 4 sockets of single or three-phase current from 16A to 250A.
  • IP67 insulation CETAC/Marechal sockets protection index.
  • Individual energy counters for each socket. Optional MID certification.
  • Activation (ON/OFF) by contactor.
  • Individual protection for each socket.
  • Electricity anti-theft system with plug disconnection detection and automatic output cut.


  • Water sockets with outputs from ½” to 2” and ending on standard tap or BCN.
  • Activation (ON/OFF) by electrovalve.
  • Individual counter for each socket. Optional MID certification.
  • Main input of water with inside stopcock valve.


  • Communications with central server: Ethernet/Wi-Fi.
    Automatic remote firmware updates.


  • New generation measurement integrated circuit.
  • It prevents energy theft by detecting disconnection of electrical socket and automatic output cut.
  • Automatic reconnection after a brownout occurs, keeping open devices, users in system and balances.
  • Users access to the system using an encrypted RFID card or through remote activation via Smartphone or Tablet (Intranet).
  • Remote monitoring and command server.

Advanced features

  • Automatic reconnection of pedestals after a brownout occurs: it keeps active users, active devices and balances.
  • Electricity anti-theft system for each individual socket.
  • Alarm generation via email or SMS.
  • Users can activate supplies via encrypted card, or by Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Remote activation/deactivation of supplies.
  • Access to the server from the Internet, using your favourite browser or mobile device.


  • Control and invoicing by the exact consumption of each user, regardless of socket or connecting pedestal.
  • Total user flexibility: prepaid, postpaid.
  • User safety: no balance and no operation are stored in your ID card.
  • Global management from a single point of all consumptions, receipts or supply invoices.
  • Operation costs reduction: reading consumptions and sockets activation in real time from the management application.
  • Compare the pedestals consumptions with the supplier invoices.

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